My Journey Starts Here: Become a Blockchain Developer

This is the very first article starting to recode my entire journey to become a blockchain developer, and hopefully, I’ll reach the end that I promise myself today.

There is no plan but determination

I used to have a plan or many plans to achieve xyz. However, when you are serious about something, you don’t need a plan but determination and persistence.

I come from a background where I spent six years in academia: developing courses, delivering courses, marking assignments, consulting and tutoring at a University. This journey brought me a certainty of financial support but a lack of excitement and creativity in building something that can be useful to society, apart from seeing students improve their Python skills.

Coming from a data science domain mostly using Python and a bit of Swift taught by myself, it helped me a lot when I pick up Solidity and React.js. Technically speaking, I’m already a blockchain developer. I understand the theory of blockchain, the usability of Ethereum, and read/write protocols such as Uniswap and Compound.

However, building a commercial fully functional web and mobile app and shipping publicly is where I define the real journey of a blockchain developer that I’m going to pursue from now on.

Gaming is the first step

From my observation of the .com era, the industry was initiated by the community of developers then small businesses, then the general public and finally governments. And if you look more precisely, the gaming industry played a big role in pushing and bridging the gap between developers and the public.

Currently, if I understand it correctly, the NFT market was mostly dominated by loyalty and quick-to-earn (flipping) schemes. The true usability of treating NFT as a utility is not yet been publicly explored although few enterprises might have been developing it privately.

Therefore, I decided to research and take the advantage of NFT and present it in a gaming context that people can perceive its powerfulness while playing it. I will use a PoW (proof of work) concept and apply it on NFT with Diablo characteristics using a Pokémon gamification setup.

In the next article, I will be discussing the future (currently April of 2022) of NFT from what I see it.

Happy to receive feedback or criticism.



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